Water and Wastewater Administration

What We Do

This department oversees the water and wastewater treatment plants, water distribution and wastewater collection systems, regulatory affairs and lake maintenance.

Water Purification Plant

What We Do

The Water Purification Plant is responsible for safely treating and delivering, under sufficient pressure, an adequate supply of water for the City of Weatherford. This includes meeting all current and proposed State and Federal regulations and preparing appropriate reports. The Water Purification Plant treated 1,444,759,342 gallons of water in the FY 2016.

Advanced Metering System (AMS)

The City of Weatherford water utilities department has initiated a complete overhaul of all water meters. These meters will be replaced with advanced metering system (AMS) meters. Learn more about our Advanced Metering System (AMS) and what it means for your water consumption. 

Message from the Water Utilities Director:

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